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1994-2001 Acura Integra GSR Pro-Flo Header.Pdf

How to replace a 1994 acura integra catalytic converter ...

EdelbrockPro-Floheader components are desgned to improve the exhaust efficiency of the Acura 1.8L engine. A performance gain can be expected with the installation of the system. This system requires no welding fo installation and retains all stock emissions equipment. Suggested tools needed for installation: This vehicle has some metric fasteners.

K 3/8” ratchet socket set with extensions and a good assortment of metric sockets
K Combination wrenches (metric)
K Universal 12mm and 14mm swivel sockets
K Jackstands, screwdrivers, pliers, crescent wrench, etc.
K Liquid penetrant (GM #1052627 or equivalent); anti-seize compound (GM #5613695 or equivalent)

SPECIAL NOTICE: This Edelbrock part has received an Executive Order number (E.O. #) from the California Air Resources Board (C.A.R.B.) making it legal for street use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles in all 50 states. To assist you with emissions equipment certification, we have included a silver fan shroud decal to help testing personnel verify that this part is a legal replacement part on the vehicle for which it is cataloged. The adhesive-backed decal should be affixed to your fan shroud next to the existing emission and engine specification decal. Do not cover your original equipment specification decal with the Edelbrock fan shroud decal.

WARNING: The use of “Thermal Wrap” or any aftermarket coating process will void the warranty on your Pro-Flo header. Those products can cause excessive heat and moisture build up resulting in corrosion and early failure of the system.

1. Disconnect battery negative cable from battery.
2. Raise vehicle and support with jackstand.
3. The use of penetrating oil when removing and the use of anti-seize compound when installing nuts and bolts will prevent the possibility of broken or stripped nuts and bolts.
4. Make sure converter is cool.
5. Remove O2 sensor (if applicable) being careful not to destroy or rupture the unit. Warning: Do not clean this unit in any cleaning solvents and do not rupture wire.
6. Remove the two nuts from hanger bracket. Remove the two bolts and springs at the catalytic converter. Then unbolt the three bolts at the mid-section of manifold and remove lower portion of manifold (B-section).
7. Remove the bolt that is attached to the engine block in the lower section of manifold. Remove bolts from manifold at cylinder head and pull manifold out from top side. Note: Save all factory nuts, bolts and springs to be used during reassembly.

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