Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PDF: Vespa Sprint Owner’s & Maintenance Manual

This manual, with its simple instructions on operation and maintenance will furnish you all the information necessary for obtaining a complete working knowledge of your scooter.

Vespa has a wide range of use: for practical operation, pleasure trips, along the main highways or country roads, because of its characteristics (comfort, economy, quiet running etcetera).

Summary of Vespa Sprint Owners & Maintenance Manual.pdf:

* Introduction
* Layout of Controls
* Performance and Specifications
* Operating instructions
* Running-in
* Tyre Presures
* Operation and maintenance: Common operations to carry out
* Maintenance
* Summary of Instructions for Maintenance
* Operating instructions: fault finding
* Engine: description
* Accessories
* Electrical equipment
* Identification data

Download Free Vespa Sprint Owner’s & Maintenance Manual.pdf


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