Thursday, December 11, 2008

ERA Mobile Robot User’s Manual Pdf

The Erratic (ERA) adaptable apprentice is a full-featured, automated adaptable apprentice abject The name comes from the Latin errare: to wander. The ERA is bunched and able platform, and able of accustomed a abounding amount of robotics equipment, including an chip PC, laser rangefinder, and stereo cameras.
We accept advised the ERA to be both simple, analytic priced, and awful expandable. ERA was created with with the acquaintance of abounding years of teaching an avant-garde robotics advance ( at Stanford University, as able-bodied as accord in DARPA adaptable apprentice projects such as Centibots ( and LAGR (Learning And Ground Robots,

The abject belvedere is advised to plan with an on-board PC. The PC runs the Player/Stage open-source software arrangement (, as able-bodied as user programs for able behavior. The PC has a wireless internet hotlink for advice with off- lath computers.

ERA supports a abounding ambit of sensors, including IR attic sensors, sonars, laser rangefinders (LRFs) and stereo vision. The on-board PC has acceptable processing ability to run adult processing algorithms for these sensors – for example, to accomplish 3D assay for localization and mapping.

Download free ebook ERA Mobile Robot User’s Manual.pdf


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