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Pregnancy, Newborn Child, and Adopted Child Pdf

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"University of California Pregnancy, Newborn Child, and Adopted Child" Fact sheet for Employees who Accrue Sick Leave Welcoming a new child into the family is both exciting able to continue while on leave for pregnancy and worrisome. At home you're preparing for your childbirth or to bond with your child new arrival by gathering baby supplies and preparing points out things you should do before you leave the nursery. At work you also must make preparations work and actions you may want to consider after . This fact sheet can help you prepare for the time your child is born or adopted you will be off work for pregnancy, childbirth, or adoption and ensure that your newborn or adopted answers some commonly asked questions. child is properly enrolled in benefits. If you have an academic appointment, you should This factsheet is for new mothers and fathers who are contact your Academic Personnel Office for information- UC employees and accrue sick leave....... about leave policies and benefits for pregnancy, childbirth, and adoptions. If you are governed by explains how the disability plans replace wages you a collective bargaining agreement, the pregnancy lose while unable to work because of pregnancy and disability policies and rules for a leave of absence in childbirth conjunction with pregnancy and childbirth may be outlines which UC-sponsored benefits you may be different from those discussed in this factsheet. Be sure to discuss your options with your local Benefits Office. Pregnancy, Newborn Child, and Adopted Child Guidelines See your physician. ...As part not automatically enrolled. You must enroll your of your prenatal care, it is a good idea to review child within 31 days of the child's date of birth or pregnancy procedures with a medical plan repre- he/she will not have insurance. For adopted child- sentative. In addition, some UC-sponsored medical dren, the 31-day period begins on the day you take plans have special pregnancy programs. physical custody of the child or the day you have the legal right to control the child's health care.

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