Sunday, June 14, 2009

STRATOCASTER Wiring diagrams

eck T o N T o Neck id l T o M d e T o Middle T o Bridge id T o Br ge 2 5 0 K - A D U B ac l k Ground from T emolo Claw r or Bridge. t Whi e F o l i Sh eld i STRATOCASTER .05uf . 7 ( 04 ) 0 p 1 0 f * i ) (opt onal Gr en e Bare* Bla k c All pickups: B c wir s to la k e switch are & - B Green wires o t back volume pot. of e T o n T o n e V o l u m e Red+White wires soldered together + insulated with heat-shrink. For typical Strat operation do not disturb. This capacitor (optional) helps compensate for the natural loss of high frequencies (through the guitar cord)that occurs when the volume control is partially rolled back. Keep bare wires from contacting other connections! Guitar Body Guitar Body String Pickup * Not to scale Width between string and pickup blades should be 4-5/32 * on the bass side and 2-3/32 * on the treble side while guitar is fretted at higher frets..

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